Tips for Using the SFA


1.      To search for WC filings, users will need to select the Business Type of Property & Casualty.

2.      Next they will need to select Workers’ Compensation from the drop down under Type of Insurance.

3.      If looking for a specific Company they can fill in that field. A wildcard can be used by using a partial identifier and an asterisk (*).

4.      If searching for 2015 rate filings, users will want to limit their search by starting with a submission date of August 6, 2014, which was the release date of the 2015 Minnesota Ratemaking Report.

5.      Users can better identify specific types of filings by using the information contained in the Sub Type of Insurance field. Standard WC will contain standard WC forms and rate filings. Alternative WC rates are 79.56, subd. 1(b) large risk certifications. Employers Liability WC will contain stand-alone employers liability policy filings. Likewise, Excess WC will contain only excess WC rates and forms.

6.      Only approved filings are available for public access.

7.      Filings are not available for public access until the date they become effective. January 1, 2015 rate filings will not be available on the SFA until that date.