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Experience Rating

The Minnesota Workers' Compensation Insurers Association generates experience rating factors for qualified Minnesota employers. Experience rating recognizes the differences among individual employers with respect to safety and loss prevention. It does this by comparing the experience of individual employers with the average employer in the same classification. The differences are reflected by an experience rating modification, based on individual payroll and loss records, which may result in an increase, decrease, or no change in premium.

MWCIA provides a variety of methods for obtaining experience rating information.  For a brief overview of each method, please click here.

  • Employer LookupTool to search for an employer and find their locations, Combo ID, Coverage ID and experience mod history information.
  • Experience Mod DownloadTool to search for an employer and download their ratesheets. You need a Web Membership account in order to download ratesheets. Click here to sign up for a new Web Membership account.

Experience modifications on this system are believed to be accurate; however, changes and/or the withdrawal of a modification may create confusion or inaccuracies. MWCIA reserves the right to correct or update modifications at any time to address any inaccuracies or omissions. If you have a question concerning any change or withdrawal, contact info@mwcia.org or call (952) 897-1737. Click here to view the MWCIA Terms of Use.