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The Minnesota Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan (MWCARP) is the source of workers' compensation and employers' liability coverage for Minnesota employers who have been unable to secure other coverage through the voluntary market. The MWCARP was created by the State Legislature to ensure that all Minnesota employers are able to obtain workers' compensation coverage as required by law.
How to apply for Minnesota Assigned Risk Plan coverage online:  
1 Register to use the Online Assigned Risk (OAR) website
2 Create a new application. Complete all sections.
3 Submit the application. The MWCIA will review the application.
4 Receive email notification. The MWCIA will send email requesting payment.
5 Make payment. Electronic payment made by Visa, Master Card, or electronic check is required within two business days.
6 Receive confirmation email: Coverage will become effective 12:01 am the day after the application was submitted or at 12:01 am on the future date requested.




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